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Hex Empire Icon
Hex Empire
Flash version of the classic old Empire game originally written b ...
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11 Second Rubix Cube Record Icon
0 Stars Icon
11 Second Rubix Cube Record
This guy must be a hit with the ladies! An 11 second solve time surely brings him upto baller status.
2pac Wax Sculpture Icon
0 Stars Icon
2pac Wax Sculpture
Wax sculptures seem to be making a comeback these days.
4 Sided Guitar Solo Icon
0 Stars Icon
4 Sided Guitar Solo
This guy rocks out harder than anyone in the history of rocking.
A10 Jets In Action Icon
0 Stars Icon
A10 Jets In Action
Nice compilation video of A-10 Jets in action. This video shows some good shots of the plane and some really nice scenery.
Anthea Turner Motorcycle Accident Video Icon
0 Stars Icon
Anthea Turner Motorcycle Accident Video
Anthea Turner is a television personality who was involved in an accident with a motorcycle while working on a show. It is rumored on line that she died from this accident but we have found out that she survived and is still working today.
Awesome 4x4 Save Icon
3 Stars Icon
Awesome 4x4 Save
Awesome video! A 4x4 is trying to climb a very steep hill when it flips over. It looks like they are about to roll down the hill when the driver saves the day.
Awesome BB Gun Icon
5 Stars Icon
Awesome BB Gun
OK, the angel on this video could be better but you can still see the Gatling gun style BB gun at work. These things could definitely shoot more than your eye out. :)
Awesome Billiards Tricks Icon
3 Stars Icon
Awesome Billiards Tricks
These guys probably rake it in at the bars.
Balance And Strength Icon
3 Stars Icon
Balance And Strength
The man in this video has super balance and strength. He pulls off a one handed hand stand and makes it look easy. If you dont think this is hard just try it and see.
Base Jumping Wing Suit Icon
1 Star Icon
Base Jumping Wing Suit
As if base jumping were not cool enough that have invented base jumping suits that will help you sort of fly through the air before you pull your chute.
Best Knife Defense Icon
0 Stars Icon
Best Knife Defense
This guys gives some good advice on what to do if someone comes at you with a knife! Run! Seriously, check out what the knife does to that slab of meat! Imagine if that was your arm...
Bike Stunt Compilation Icon
0 Stars Icon
Bike Stunt Compilation
WARNING: Language - Awesome video! This bike trick compilation video shows all kinds of tricks on all kinds of bikes. This is extreme sports at its best!
Blackjack 2000 Icon
3 Stars Icon
Blackjack 2000
Online flash Blackjack game
Blind Japanese Guitar Player Icon
0 Stars Icon
Blind Japanese Guitar Player
This guy is an awesome guitar player! He is blind but he plays the guitar as anyone I have ever seen in my life. He has a very unique style of playing the guitar.
Bubble Magic Icon
2 Stars Icon
Bubble Magic
Surgeon General's Warning - Blowing bubbles can be hazzardous to your health.
Canada Drug Tunnel Icon
0 Stars Icon
Canada Drug Tunnel
Smugglers built this tunnel under the US/Canada border.
Chris Angel Vertical Wall Walk Icon
0 Stars Icon
Chris Angel Vertical Wall Walk
This trick was very easy to figure out how it was done..just watch closely.
Christmas Crabs Video Icon
0 Stars Icon
Christmas Crabs Video
Awesome video! This video is really unbelievable. Christmas Island is an Australian-owned territory, yet it lies closer to the Indonesian island of Java. Christmas Island is internationally famous for the spectacular annual migration of sixty million red land crabs, from the forest to the ocean to mate and spawn.
Computerized Plane Crash Video Icon
0 Stars Icon
Computerized Plane Crash Video
This is video footage of the first plane in history to be fully computerized. As you can see from the video it did not work very well.
Cool Guitar Slapping Icon
2 Stars Icon
Cool Guitar Slapping
The guitar player in this video clip really has a unique style. I have never seen anyone play exactly like he does. It sounds really good!
Cute Puppies Tease Cat Icon
2 Stars Icon
Cute Puppies Tease Cat
A bunch of cute puppies teasing a cat. This looks like the first time they have seen a cat and they are not sure what to make of him.
Cybird Remote Control Icon
0 Stars Icon
Cybird Remote Control
FINALLY, I can begin assembling my army of mutant, flying robots.
Electric Music Icon
0 Stars Icon
Electric Music
A very eclectic, mesmerizing display of music and computer animation.
Electrical Fire Icon
0 Stars Icon
Electrical Fire
This is something you don't see everyday.
Escher Endless Picture Icon
0 Stars Icon
Escher Endless Picture
Put this on loop or repeat and it will never end.
Extreme Ping Pong Icon
0 Stars Icon
Extreme Ping Pong
The best match I've ever seen.
Fight Recap Icon
0 Stars Icon
Fight Recap
A psychological analysis of a schoolyard fight.
Finger Soccer Skills Icon
0 Stars Icon
Finger Soccer Skills
Here's an interesting display of ball skill you don't see every day.
Firing An AK47 Icon
3 Stars Icon
Firing An AK47
This little gun packs a punch, and looks like fun !
Ford Sierra Burnouts Icon
0 Stars Icon
Ford Sierra Burnouts
A Ford Sierra doing some burn outs and some drifting. I hope he has plenty of money to buy new tires because he probably has no tread left on them.
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